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Astro Karma Superlicious
Rebecca Pinwei Tseng

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Ambling around the apartment looking busy

like I’ve been beamed an enlightened thought


but really I am thinking about different cereals

and why cinnamon toast crunch is the best one.


This is what my body gets for signing up for life:

a billion useless arguments with myself,


like is my manager mad at me or does she remind

me of my mom. Like do I fear commitment


or am I just an aquarius. I don’t care,

I love astrology. I’ll give anybody money


to tell me who I am. I learned too early

some people offer love in cash and some people


don’t offer at all and we all have to do things

to get both. Even when we don’t want to.


I want to manifest everything

then never do anything again.


Like manifest being a good driver or getting

off the bathroom floor when I’m sad.


It’s tiring, committing to a higher self.

Quick, somebody touch me while I’m here.

Rebecca Pinwei Tseng (she/hers) is a writer from Taiwan.  Her work can be found or is forthcoming in The Academy of American Poets, Chrysanthemum Taiwanese Poets Anthology, Asian American Writers’ Workshop (The Margins), Honey Literary, and elsewhere. A graduate of the MFA program at Columbia University, Rebecca lives with her two pet bunnies, who are very much in love.

The last line of "Astro Karma Superlicious" is thinking of the first line from "On Rachmaninoff’s Birthday" by Frank O'Hara.


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