Some Kind of Opening is part journal, part sharing circle, part interdisciplinary experiment. It is a way for candidates/alumni across multiple SoA's to read, watch, and appreciate each other’s work. Some Kind of Opening was created to combat concentration isolation, and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and viewership. It is our first step. If you’re interested,  please consider submitting your work here, and/or joining our advisory board. The advisory board helps us grow by sharing their ideas, inviting individuals to publish their work, and advocating for causes like: university / classroom flex space, equipment rentals for all SoA concentrations, a decentralized platform for sharing events, cross university collaboration, etc. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have, or follow our instagram


Elias Diakolios 

Poetry Editor @ Columbia Journal '20-'21 

MFA in Poetry '21

Abbigail Rosewood
MFA in Fiction '17
Author of If I Had Two Lives

Sylvia Gindick 

Online Poetry Editor @ Columbia Journal

MFA in Poetry '21

Heather Gluck 

Community Outreach Editor @ Columbia Journal

MFA in Poetry and Translation '22

Raz Tal 

MFA in NonFiction '21

Will Thomas

MFA in Poetry '21