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Umma’s been at Store for twelve hours. I retire

to the couch. I do not mind its debris.

outside, it is two pm: the burst of sunlight before the set. my big brother

snores from the basement. I hear him rise to 

piss in a plastic bottle. I stretch into the grey upholstery,

pondering, again, how the winter sun masquerades as hot,

how I bear its deception

Mina Khan is a Korean-Pakistani American poet whose work nests in the confusion of violence and tenderness. She was awarded an Honorable Mention by the American Academy of Poets’ Columbia University prize. She is the author of the chapbook, Mon— monuments, monarchs & monsters (Sputnik & Fizzle 2020), and her work has been featured in Prelude, the Berkeley Poetry Review, The Margins, Shade Literary Arts, Lammergeier, and more.

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