Please Xerox is a one time special issue literary magazine published in the Fall of 2019. All of the pieces are written by those who have been historically marginalized based on race, sexuality, or gender. Featuring a wide array of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and photography. 


Edited by Lauren Kranzlin.

Cover art by TC Mann.


Safi Brown: Firefly

Kameron Morton: Deeper

Emilie Unterweger: First Person Plural

Maureen Duke: 40 Ounces of Lube and One Marriage Later

Erin O'Flynn: Collected Photographs

Rachel Kang: Pussy

David Lavallee: We Stole

Stephanie Dinsae: Diastema

Lauren Nadler: Collecting

Shanga Labossiere: A Martian Meets NASA's Rover

Allie Sinclair: Mind- A Beautiful Servant, A Dangerous Master

Please Xerox