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Matthew Kimball

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standing over me, 2 

guys with headlight eyes – all they see

is earthquake limbs, all they say is


are you alright

          are you alright

                    are you alright


let’s call an ambulance


and i


    n              n

n        n                 n

     n            n





all pulled-out-of-the-sand ostrich. i’m the only one 

seeing this trident 

through my neck, and


              they don’t call --

              and i’m thankful –


because 2 is less than 

more than 2 -- but they

watch. at least they didn’t 

film me, like everyone in times square, at least

i found bushes to hide and rustle

like my hibernation just ended, at least


they stop before i do. i’m 


                 can look around – try to 

steep my dried-out leaves, in this 

mudpuddle of my making,

camouflaged by branches i’ve broken

Matthew Kimball is an artist and writer seeking to further the dialogues around brain injury, disability, and toxic masculinity.

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