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These marching bands

are always


with unwoven knots

all] equally spaced

as if out of

courtesy not to crowd one yard with all their problems

Orange and grey leaf suspended by one

nylon thread off the leg

           of a spider

[her lover in

           Folsom State Prison]

[not sure when to die]

People are proud of their strangest outfits.

I've mostly been into the cloth

of strangers' trauma lately


and the like] the most likely time

is on a Sunday night in October. Tattered

strands on the navy face [white plums]

matted lint on the white face [blue bugs]

It's not so much the knee-high socks

             or grass stained shorts or polyester cloaks

             or lack of them all

it's about the fit.

             Really embracing an [in] side.

Tenebrism is as morbid as pep [morbid as in

a disguise] I almost forgot existed.

Elias Diakolios is a MFA candidate in poetry at Columbia University where he served as Poetry Editor for Columbia Journal Issue 59 and is currently serving as a teaching fellow for undergraduate creative writing. He lives in New Jersey and studies insects.

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