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I knew that the first impulse was 

incorrect:        but even in my shame 

                       there was solace. 

At parties, the same tired limes: 

                       seltzer water for the nasal 

                       drip, and birthday cake for 

                       display. (only)

In my room, all of the milk cartons in the world:

                       I filled them with books; 

                       I wanted to punish myself.  



It is true:         I am a trivial girl.

Taylor Zhang is an English teacher. She co-runs a Risograph micropress (Choo Choo Press) that publishes literary zines and chapbooks with an emphasis on queerness, nostalgia, obsession, and states of liminality. Her own work can be found or is forthcoming in The Massachusetts Review, Vassar Review, The Louisville Review, The Drift, and Columbia Journal. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, she now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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